Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why does time go so fast?!

This year has just flown by-it seems like it was just July and here it is the second week of October! We have been really busy with all of the boys. 
Connor got his cast off his leg but he still walks like he just rode a horse all the way from Texas! The nurse told us that he would walk funny for a couple of months and she was not kidding!! Connor goes back to the orthopedist this week to make sure that his leg is healing okay. Connor also turned 7 last week Tuesday~he is such a big boy now. It is hard to believe that he was ever in the NICU or so sick! He is just a bundle of energy now!! He loves his DS and X-Box and is always excited about school.
The doctors started TPN feeds on Danny 3 weeks ago. He has been home for two weeks and we are slowly getting into a routine. He seems to have more energy now since he is getting enough calories but I am just so worried about the trade off. I hate to think about what the TPN may be doing to Danny's little liver but I just have to trust the doctors. I just can't wait for him to be back to the little ball of energy he was before he got so sick. It is hard to remember how he used to be sometimes because it seems so long ago. It is just not fair!!!
Anyway, I am hoping that we go to Columbus, Ohio soon; we are just waiting on everything to be set up before we make the long trip there.  Hopefully, they will be able to give us the answers that will fix my little Super Danny!! On a happier note, Super Danny will turn 5 on Thursday the 14th!  He wants Iron Chef movies for his birthday! He loves the Food Network now-he discovered it in the hospital and now he watches the channel non-stop! It is so cute! I think that he is going to be a little iron chef one day!
Well, Dillon is Dillon-I am not sure what is worse my teenager or my 2 year old?! I think it is a toss-up depending on the day. Dillon got his first bike and already thinks he is Evil Knievel-I see lots of ER visits in our future!!:) He tries to ride Christopher's big bike and he is only 2!
Christopher "Tank" is playing tackle football for the first year this year! He is really good and with his size he can go far if he puts his heart into it! His team has given him the nickname Tank-he is big! Right now, his team is one game away from going undefeated this year-he is so excited! I am so proud of him. When I look at him now, I can't help but smile when I think about how tiny he was when he was born. He was the smallest of all my babies-only 5lbs 6oz and now he is as big as his dad!
Oh how the time has flown by! It makes me want to cry when I think about all of my babies growing up-where did the time go? I wish it could just stop for a little bit so I could spend more time with them while they are little, when they still think their dad and I are cool , I am still Super Mommy in their eyes and they believe that we can do anything!
Wow, I so didn't want this to be depressing but I am tearing up as I write this so I am going wrap it up because I have to go wake up my little troopers for another great day in Super Mommy's world!